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DCBEAGLE Challenges



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Overall risk

For most of the event, the young mathematicians will be sitting or standing at a table which is a low risk activity. Between each discipline the pupils will move from one bank of desks to the next. This is a low risk activity. Douglas Buchanan, the challenge creator and presenter, will remind pupils to place bags away from the running area, and push chairs under tables to reduce the risk of tripping over obstacles whilst running.

Fire safety

Douglas Buchanan, the challenge creator and presenter, will be responsible for communicating emergency evacuation procedures to teachers at the start of the event

On-site supervision

Douglas Buchanan, the challenge creator and presenter, has overall responsibility for running the event. There will also be at least one member of staff from the host school. Both personnel will have completed a CRB check. Each team of four pupils is accompanied by at least one supervising teacher / teaching assistant / governor / parent, and this teacher / teaching assistant / governor / parent is responsible for the welfare of his or her pupils.