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I came to England in August 1981 from Zimbabwe to teach science and mathematics at Eagle House School, Sandhurst, Berkshire for 29 years.


I became a deputy head at the age of 25 and kept that status for most of my career. I was always called Deputy Beagle by my colleagues and so with the combination of the nickname, my initials (DCB) I created the title of DCBEAGLE.

The Challenges

Prior to a school inspection, heads of departments were advised to organise a marketing event. This is when the Year 6 Mathematics Challenge was created. Due to pressure from participating schools I then created the Year 5 Mathematics Challenge and the rest is history!


For convenience and cost cutting, all correspondence is through emails and my website (www.dcbeagle.com).


If you would like to take up references I can give you contacts of schools who already host my challenges and / or events.